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Wingspan Product

About the Project

Wingspan is a multi-tenant re-skilling platform which supports content in multiple formats including videos, pdf, epub, etc and interactions on top of that. This also supports assessments, coding playgrounds etc. In terms of courses we have support for live streaming, pre-recorded content focused on detailed courses and micro-learnings. All backed with analytics and ability to enforce courses/assessments to enforce org-wide awareness about specific topics/skills. This also has recommendations systems configured based on the job roles the users is in and also item to item recommendations for courses.

This project started as an incremental improvement over the existing Learning Platform (Digital Tutor and Knowledge Hub) and internally called as Lex. This is built using the architecture of Sunbird by Ek-step foundation. After phenomenal success of the Lex internally, the application was white-labeled and re-branded as Wingspan for our customers.

The front-end was completely re-written to provide user experience focused towards enterprise use-cases & features.

Pervious Tools summary

Knowledge Hub

This collected information from all the sources and generated knowledge graph about courses, skills, job roles and functions. This also set the stepping stone for item-to-item recommendations based on collaborative filtering and Association rule learning.

Digital Tutor

An intranet video learning platform which hosted videos on the Microsoft Azure and provided video courses. This supported interactions withing videos including quizes, image map, video branch-outs for explanations of the quizes (using ad-rolls).

My Ninja Applications

This was an android application geared towards Trainees, which gamified the learning experience by adding quizzes, learning strikes, and community discussions. This also allowed learning materials to be available in the mobile outside the intranet systems we had.


A intranet discussion forum with support for Q/A, Blogs, Quizzes, Polls, etc.

My Contributions

Lead a team of 8 developers for Infosys Wingspan Platform.



Contribution Areas over the years in different projects: