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Micro-frontend with Cloudflare ESI

Explores ESI for dynamic injection of header and footer (as microfrontent) in a microsite architecture implemented with SSG

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Using Sever-Side GTM

Instead of dumping all those scripts on the user's browser, move them to a server container

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Quince Web Ecommerce

Quince is a fashion retail e-commerce startup operating Manufacturing to Consumer model with ~$400M revenue, ~4M MAU, and peak RPS of 2600.

Vista's E-Commerce Platform

Vistaprint's E-Commerce Platform serving over 16M customers across 20 country and 25+ locales, built using micro-services, micro-front-ends and micro-sites architecture.

Swan Design System

Vistaprint's Design System implemented in React and is used across the company, its subsidiaries and sister companies

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Agoda Staff Software Engineer
Quince Lead Software Engineer
Vistaprint Lead Software Engineer